Monday, April 28, 2008

Can't we still be friends...

Ladies and Gents...

To get to the end, you still need to go through the middle. Koma and I are trapped 2year in a future at the Mawson Station(That's in Antarctica, look at a a map once and awhile).


Hopefully, my LMD is up and running in my place. I don't want to lose my union parking spot.

So, Koma's would be father in law, tells us 2 years have passed and the wonderful nation of OZ has been taken over. Two years...I take a moment to think. Wow, that means I missed; the end of ER and my date with PowerGirl.

(Great, she might of slept with Nightwing by now...Ewww..)

At this point. I am really PO'ed at Koma.

The Major brings us in, one by one to debrief.

"Henchman 432 or Guy Abrams, which do you prefer to be called..?" He asks.

"Henchman is fine." I slowly sit and put my hand on each other,lightly brushing my new wristcom, turning it on. I scan the room with my eyes. There are two guards by the door and female in the corner.

"Do you think Mr. Henchman would like anything, sir?" She asks.

"Annabell, would like to know if you want anything Henchman?" The Major says with a smirk.

I put my face in my hand and laugh. Geeze, all that is missing is the bond music. "Look, what I would like, is to be home. I am a frickin' American. Oz can deal with it's own issues."

The Major stops and takes a good long stare at me."That's just what I wanted to hear son. I can make that happen. I,in turn need something from you."

"Koma? Because, that is going to cost you and not any of that fake Australian money. I want Gold, lots of it." I inform them

"Well,you get right to the point don't you. I like that. You served, didn't you. Annabell, make sure Henchman gets what he wants. She will handle the finer points." The guy who looks like Sam Neil walks out into the hall, his guards follow.

Annabell sits in the across from me, putting on her lipstick. "So what else do you want?"

Dental for all.

Dr. Polaris rules.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

He's payin' you out, eh? I'd still watch my back if I were you.

Nepharia said...

I love double-crosses. Just make sure you aren't the one getting double-crossed.

captain koma said...


Even my first girlfriend Annabell has fallen for you animal magnetism.

Thank goodness Christine hates your guts.

Batman said...

no honor among thieves...

Professor Xavier said...

Oz can deal with it's own issues? I thought you wanted to be a hero? Nice try Beekeeper Man.

Anonymous said...

your soul is pretty dark