Saturday, August 16, 2008


Ladies and Gents,

I hate being Neural knifed. Koma did it to me again. Bad enough this whole mess is his fault. I am so going to sleep with his next girlfriend.

Every time I get Neural knifed, I act like a "goofy little bastard".

Let recap: Koma leaves me, 2 years in the future.

Lets his "Metal Mama"

throw me at a friggin' sea monster.

Now I find out this calamity is his doing.

I wake up in the cell alone. It take a few hours to get my head together. I look around in my stark white cell. I toss the bed at the cell bars. That cause the mattress to spark and catch fire, which I stomp out.

Ok, I don't think I will be busting my way out. I pace back and forth in the cell. Maybe I can pound the walls, they don't seem to be electrified. I give the old college try, a straight hand should do it.





Great, the walls are lined with a super strong metal. Wow, this sucks. I am stuck in a cell that smell like a burnt mattress, because there is a burnt mattress. Hmmmm...Maybe, I could do the "old start a fire to get out the cell trick".

I throw the mattress at the bar again and the flames start.

Smoke fills the cell. I begin to cough. No one is showing up...

Oh man, not good.

I hate OZ.

Dental for All.

Dr. Polaris rules.