Friday, December 28, 2007

Tagged by Hot wheels.

Ladies and Gents,

I was hoping, if I do a quarterly posting and maybe a judging on a game show. Everyone would leave me to my nachos and 360. No such luck, Hot Wheels (Aka Baldy) meme'ed me.

I am going to steal his next girlfriend. That should teach him. Haw haw.

Anyway,I was working on my fortieth hour on Crackdown to get a ten point achievement(sweet). When the thing breaks down and this weird thing pops out.

"What the hell?" I scream. Great my console just died for the third time. Geeze, I send this thing back more, than Brit goes to court.

While I have a strange object in the middle of my room. I do the most sensible thing.I find a sharp stick and begin to poke it.

"Hey" It shouts and changes form.

"Who the hell are you." I question.

It replies."I am a eye genie. I shall grant you two wishes."

"Two wishes? No more no less..." I ask, the strangle little thing.

"Yup" That's all you get. geneye tells me.

"Ok, chief. I want some payback. Baldy it going to get it this time.I heard that Storm gave him a brand new kitten. Take care of it."

"Like, give a nice home or something..." The geneye ponders.

"How can I put this, no." I, then whisper to it,what I want done.

"Granted". It says. "Wow, you are not a nice guy are you..."

"No." I start to think to myself. what else do I want..."Ok, punk. I want a world where anything cool never breaks down. No TVs, game consoles,laptops or anything like that."


I turn around and see this...

"What the hell." I ask.

"Well, for something to never breakdown. It needs to cost a lot of money. So only the really rich can have nice things." It informs me.

"So the whole planet is now like Brazil?" I query.

"Yup, That is the case." The eyeball thingy says.

"Wild, say do you want to loot the biggest house around?" I inquire.

"Do I?" It says with joy.

Half and hour later. We are heading over to the nearest pawnshop.


I tag Tak and Bennet.

Dental for all.

M.O.D.O.K. sucks.