Sunday, September 14, 2008


Ladies and Gents,

As you should know now. I failed to deliver Koma, this "Silver Guy".

Here is what happened.

Koma tells me which cell "Silver" is placed in(CB40). I ask him, how I can tell who this "Silver" guy is.

"Oi, it's simple, his is a albino" Koma informs.

The Whole place seems to be in the middle of a huge riot. I keep running into these "Robocops"

It isn't too much of a issue, because for some reason the 'bots can't handle the smoke from the random fires started. Still it helps me vent my frustration with Koma treating me like a noob. On a side note kids, when fighting robots, locking their joints makes the fights a lot easier on you, but harder on them.

I figure I am about 3 and a half klicks from CB40. The rest of this joint is rocking. I send a few of my Dark Beast ahead to scout out. A sound of a couple dozen heavy rounds go off.

Great.One of the prison wind up toys is functioning up to standards.

It tracks my movements well, too well a shot hits me in my arm below one of my triceps.

Oww.. Mother#U@k*r.

If you can't tell, this really pisses me off. I hit my top speed and slam that tinker toy through three cell blocks.

As soon I finish trashing the wanna be go bot. I wait for the smoke to settle only to find out I am near Cell Block 40. I hope this "Silver" dude doesn't try to test me, I am not in the mood.

The second I arrive at CB40, I notice there isn't a single sign of the ongoing riot here...

I don't really feel like wasting time,so I call him out.

"Hey Silver, get your albino ass over here. If we are late, the daycare center won't let you in."

I see this shadow of a person wheel his way over.

A legless albino monkey...


This will be easier than I thought. Come on Monkey man. If you hurry, I give you a banana split.(Ha, I kill me.)

Sliver, looks at me and says.

" I hope you realize, my dear boy. I am one of the world's strongest Techomages.

Next thing, I know. I am on back without hands or legs.

I hate Oz.

Dental of All.

Dr.Polaris rules.