Friday, December 28, 2007

Tagged by Hot wheels.

Ladies and Gents,

I was hoping, if I do a quarterly posting and maybe a judging on a game show. Everyone would leave me to my nachos and 360. No such luck, Hot Wheels (Aka Baldy) meme'ed me.

I am going to steal his next girlfriend. That should teach him. Haw haw.

Anyway,I was working on my fortieth hour on Crackdown to get a ten point achievement(sweet). When the thing breaks down and this weird thing pops out.

"What the hell?" I scream. Great my console just died for the third time. Geeze, I send this thing back more, than Brit goes to court.

While I have a strange object in the middle of my room. I do the most sensible thing.I find a sharp stick and begin to poke it.

"Hey" It shouts and changes form.

"Who the hell are you." I question.

It replies."I am a eye genie. I shall grant you two wishes."

"Two wishes? No more no less..." I ask, the strangle little thing.

"Yup" That's all you get. geneye tells me.

"Ok, chief. I want some payback. Baldy it going to get it this time.I heard that Storm gave him a brand new kitten. Take care of it."

"Like, give a nice home or something..." The geneye ponders.

"How can I put this, no." I, then whisper to it,what I want done.

"Granted". It says. "Wow, you are not a nice guy are you..."

"No." I start to think to myself. what else do I want..."Ok, punk. I want a world where anything cool never breaks down. No TVs, game consoles,laptops or anything like that."


I turn around and see this...

"What the hell." I ask.

"Well, for something to never breakdown. It needs to cost a lot of money. So only the really rich can have nice things." It informs me.

"So the whole planet is now like Brazil?" I query.

"Yup, That is the case." The eyeball thingy says.

"Wild, say do you want to loot the biggest house around?" I inquire.

"Do I?" It says with joy.

Half and hour later. We are heading over to the nearest pawnshop.


I tag Tak and Bennet.

Dental for all.

M.O.D.O.K. sucks.


Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Well if the wholoe world's like Brazil, I guess that can't be all that bad. They've got great styels of swimwear for the ladies. Oh and that wax thing.

captain koma said...

you fracken posted. Like amazing, like wow, like wipe-out.

Man thats just crazy.

Darth Nepharia said...

I rather think you enjoyed those two wishes. You are a truly evil being.....I like that quality in a person.

November Rain said...

Happy New year Henchy

Splotchy said...

Nicely done!

It's good to see the virus is still going. I'm curious if it made it into 2008, though.

Thanks for being infected, regardless.

Professor Xavier said...

Ha! I knew you'd never reform! It's like my grand pappy use to say, once a super-villian, always a super-villian.

Dr. Zaius said...

Ack! A Homunculus Eyeball! As I live and breathe...

Mr. Bennet said...

Well, I said I'd get around to it sometime.

Eye Genie