Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yeah, I lost.

Ladies and Gents,

I lost on LGS 2. It was a good game and a fun time was had. All that was left was to cross some t's and dot the i's. Anyway, our good friend Corbi wanted to know, what I thought about;

Deadshot: He could one of the baddest dudes out there, but he always loses track of what is important.

Huntress: She is a hottie. Loses her cool when she gets mad. Which will help you when you are going toe to toe with her. Also another chick who slept with Nightwing.

Black Canary: Way underrated. She will kick you butt in many ways.

Red Arrow: He beat the smack, Good for him. I broke his shin once. Good times.

Falcon: Overrated. "Look at me I way fly". Lame. I think he can control birds now. I am not sure.

She-Hulk: Jen's heart is the right place, but she is a little to loose.

Madman: Freak.

Synth-Lin : Good kid. Everyone loves her. I wish her well.

InvincibleAnt-man: I am not sure, yet there is some word out that newbie is running around in a new suit. Nothing a boot won't cure.

Hercules: Bad ass.

Wasp: Talk about overrated.

Black Cat: Slept with Spider -Man and Wolverine, no thanks.

Harley Quinn: Anone willing to hang with the Joker is a trainwreck. Scares the crap out of me.

Vixen: I wonder what she is doing later...

Dawnstar:I don't know too much about her.

Dental for all.

MODOK sucks.


Professor Xavier said...

Come on, Falcon isn't so bad. He has pluck. And gumption. He has pluck and gumption.

Synth-Lin said...

Oh thank you so much Guy.

I'm busy having some down time after LGS.

Might pop around.

Love you all


Dark Jedi Kriss said...


captain koma said...

Ok here's something for you to do.

Great fights of comic history and how you'd beat the good guys.

I'm an ideas man.